McGuyver Style

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With 6 days to go, the FBI has pulled out one more road block for Mrs. Clinton. They've decided that after 16 years that maybe they'll take a look at the pardon Mr. Clinton made in the last days of his presidency. He signed the pardon, but they decided to toss this out just as She is, presumably, about to win the 2016 general election.
After endless discussion of emails, Benghazi, and all of the other things they have brought up, now they toss this old trout into the pond.

At this point I think Hillary needs to bring Bernie out on the stump, he has a cardiac event and she whips out a Swiss Army Knife and saves his life "Angus McGuyver" style with some chewing gum, a ball point pen and an old desk lamp.

Maybe then she can get through a few days without the animosity the opposition has been heaping on her.