Batman Lives

"I'm BatMan!"

A few months ago I bought this T-Shirt for less than a dollar at a used clothing store. It was already worn, but how could I pass up a classic for that price?

Yesterday, I was gonna do some work around the house, so I threw this on rather than one of my "Good" shirts.

When I stopped for breakfast, it earned me a free sandwich, free coffee and a free DVD rental coupon. At Home Depot, 2 strangers piped up and complimented my "Cool Shirt". Then at the next store, the cashier was excited 'cause she was also wearing her own Batman shirt and watch. She tossed 2 items without tags into my bag with a shrug, saving a few more bucks. 

Overall, I think this shirt has made me nearly 1000% profit on my investment.  

Let's see my retirement account match that!