While cleaning out the garage I emptied a box and was about to flatten it when I saw this writing on the flap

It made me laugh when I remembered where this box came from. 

Years ago when I worked for Kinko's as the Digital Services Specialist, I was punched out on a friday afternoon on my way to a 2 week vacation, when the PR Rep from the Boulder Beer company walked in with a job. She said they really needed it and they were a good customer, so I took an extra 20-30 min to set up and send their job without bothering to clock back in. It just seemed easier to do it while I was there then get called back. 

She was grateful when she left and I headed to vacation with my family. We had a great time, but eventually I had to return to work. When I did, I eventually went into the back room for a cup of coffee, when I saw this box full of beer waiting on the supply rack. 

Apparently it had been sitting  there the whole time I was gone but, in the words of both the manager and assistant managers, 

      "No body had the guts to touch Dwight's Beer!"